Staand Met Schadow
Staand Met Schadow




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ISBN: 9798326550071
Dimensions: 153mm x 229mm (6 x 9 inch)
Thickness: 11 mm
Number of pages: 216
Weight: 472 grams

Chasing the Sun
as a Digital Nomad

The Ultimate Guide to Earn Money While Traveling

This book takes you on a journey from the initial idea of becoming a digital nomad to the reality of living and working in the most beautiful places on earth. Jan van Kuijk shares his personal experiences, providing both inspiration and practical advice to help you achieve your dream of a flexible and adventurous life. You’ll discover how to find clients, maintain professional relationships, and set up a robust technical infrastructure to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Throughout the book, you’ll be inspired by the author’s stories of living, traveling, and working remotely. From tropical beaches to bustling cities, you’ll learn how to navigate the challenges and embrace the freedoms that come with being a digital nomad. Chasing the Sun as a Digital Nomad is not just a guide but a roadmap to a new way of living, where the world is your office and adventure is your daily routine.

Whether you’re dreaming of escaping the cold winters or seeking the freedom to work from anywhere, this book will guide you every step of the way. Embrace the life of a digital nomad and start your journey to endless summers with Chasing the Sun as a Digital Nomad!


Jan van Kuijk worked as a management consultant in highly competitive and complex environments. Due to stress and physical complaints, he decides to drop out of that race and start working location-independent.
He has lived alternately in the Netherlands and Hungary for more than 10 years. Since 2019 he has been travelling all over the world as a slow traveller. With the construction and management of websites sufficient income is generated to be able to live his dream. In this book he shares his experiences and gives tips on how you too can shape your dream life.

Live your dream! Don't dream your life.


World citizen | Adventures | Wanderer | Explorer | Freebooter | There goes the rascal
I really enjoy reading it; I find the subject matter very interesting and it's very easy to read. The illustrations are also done in a pleasant way, which only enhances the reading pleasure!
I really enjoyed reading it, and it reads very smoothly. Compliments!! I know you, which of course adds an extra dimension to the book for me. You've experienced a lot, learned a lot, and gained experiences that no one can take away from you. That only makes your life 'richer'! You really dare to undertake things, and you see where you end up. I find that courageous.
A personally themed book full of tips and advice on working as a digital nomad.
Maarten Carbo
Book Whisperer
Arrived punctually for coffee. Thank you, dear Jan! For me, a great honor and culmination of our friendship.


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